Introduction Last updated: 2022-12-04

Sharecle is a revolutionary way of solving the annoyance of marketing ads and spamming.
Advertising with Sharecle is now a mutually beneficial transaction.
We believe in advertising businesses to directly pay their customers for their time.
No worries because you'll get paid for this directly from our sponsors.
You may receive a penny or less per message, that's why receiving more messages is important.
As of this writing the minimum allowed is 1¢.
How much you can earn depends entirely on you and the sponsors.
One exception though, Sharecle can send below this minimum for the purpose of funding new registered users so they won't start with zero.
You also have the ability to set your minimum. If you set your minimum too high, you may not get targeted. Sharecle has no control over the selection, we only provide the system for both parties.
As you can see all sides benefit from this system.
How does Sharecle make money? First we keep our operation cost low, second we charge our sponsor 10%-20% service fee. Whereas existing providers keep 100% of the cost and its viewers get nothing but annoying ads.
Other providers will try their best to get your watch time for ads in annoying and intrusive ways such as pop-up, banners , tiny screens , email spam, robo calls, etc. With sharcle your ads are in the center and full screen.
Our main goal is to keep advertising through messaging simple, easy, more engaging and non intrusive by giving back to the viewers.

Things we monetize for you

  • In-app Text
  • Social Media
  • Search
  • SMS
  • Chat
  • Calls
  • Email


Quality not quantity, one account per user.

To protect our users from fraud, harm, malware, illegal activities and identity theft, we ID our users.

Signing up

Required Login Information:
  1. Username:
    • Must be 6 - 25 alpha numeric characters long starting with alpahbet
    • Don't use branded/trade marked usernames. Some usernames are reserved for security and protection against impersonation.
    • Some reserve names maybe use temporarily by Sharecle for demostration purposes and maybe Claim real owners. To claim just visit and put subject Claim This Account and you will contacted for further instaructions.
    • You are allowed to completely remove your account from our system at anytime and may take up to 24 hours to complete.
  2. Password:
    • Must atleast 8 characters long
    • Must not contain username
Required Profile Information:
  • First name & Last name
  • Unique email address
  • Mailing/Billing Address
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • You must have access to your verified email addres or phone number
  • You are allowed upto five attempts.
Forgot Password:
  • You must have access to your verified email addres or phone number to get confirmation code.
  • You are allowed upto five attempts. Then you wait approximately 10 minutes to retry.


It's recommended complete your verification to avoid delay and issues in the future. Sponsors prefer verified users for targeting.


You have ability to set your settings such as your minimum received amount from sponsored messages.


Anyone can be sponsor and start broadcasting messages. You have full control of your targets. Our job is to make sure it reach the intended recipeitns based on your requirements.

You can create multiple topics in a broadcast

To protect our users we review and approve all campaigns submitted. To avoid rejection and delay make sure you follow our guidelines when creating contents.

Creating campaigns

To start a campaign just input a title and category. Make sure you fill-up the accurately with appropriate contents and targets. When creating a campaign make sure you have you provide the appropriate content to be delivered.


Targets are simply your audience or recipients.

You may target the public or just specific groups in your contacts. The group selection is handy when you want to monetize only specific groups like your friends, employees, customers, family, etc...

Exclusion allows you to exlude a user or group. To exclude yourself from receiving your own campaign just put 'me' or your @username. Username starts wit '@', entries without '@' are considered group entries. For example if you want to exclude your employees from receiving the message the message jsut put employee.

Specify the targets needed such as age, gender, location, etc.


Actions are data you collect from your targets. The basic action is CONFIRM. This action just simpley confirms that your message is accepted. Unlike existing messaging system this action will credit the recipeints.

Other actions are based on Question and Answer(QA) such as survey, voting system, ratings and other information you may need to ask.

Actions are final, meaning you cannnot change it after it's run for the first time. If you want to change just close the campaign and create another one with thesame topic, it's all up to you.


Budget is the amount of you are willing to pay your viewwers. Both sides must agree on the minimum amount.

You set your budget by amount or the number of targets desired.


Finally when submitting, you automatially agree to Sharecle Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. When submitting a campaign it's subject for review and you will get notified when something is wrong or missing.

When it's approved your it will automatically run and starts notifying the recipeients.


You are allowed to recharge while the campaign is running. You are also allowed to auto recharge based on your requiremenst.


Editing an already approved and running campaign may not be allowed. If it's urgent because simple mistakes such as spelling or typos, you need to pause and send a message to our contact page and include the corrections.


You may stop a campaign at anytime and refund remaning balance.


Map triggers proximity targeting. Allows businesses to promote or advertise products or servies to users in nearby. Triggers will automatically open aup the sponsors page and all you need is accept the monetiztion or you can always do it later.


We review the pin drops you selected and ensure the location is accessible and safe.

First come first monetization

The pins will not wait for you. You need to race with others to be in the circle and get monetize.


Wallet keeps records of your assets and transactions.


We currently supports two currencies at this moment. USD and SHR. SHR is digital Sharecle tokens. Currently 1USD is equal to 100SHR

Adding Funds

We use paypal to process funding your wallet. It's users responsibility to paypal transaction fees. If you want to avoid the fees you may send a check to sharecle.

Withdrawal/Cashing out

Before you can withdraw you must me 100% verified and you can only withdraw amounts that are marked completed. Again paypal will charge you for transaction fees. You have the option to receive check instead to avoid the fees. To receive checks you must be verified and we will match the check information to your given profile.

Asset transfer

Before you can you must me 100% verified. Transfering funds between asset and other account within sharec is free.

My Contacts

My Contacts allows you to add your own personal groups for use when creating campaigns. This utility will also provide you a way to continue your engagement with specific user. Allows you to block or unblock users.


All registered users belong to public group. Default groups are automatically added on account creation. You may add or delete items to these groups but you may not remove them. You may add or delete other groups you created.

Contact Detail

Display more information about a seleted username including buttons to continue engaging with customer


Frequently asked questions from our users.

How does it work?

Sharecle is easy to use. Just download the app then wait for messages in your Inbox. You don't need to put money in to start using Sharecle.
If you want to advertise or sponsor a campaign, just create a campaign in the "My Campaigns" menu and select your recipients/targets and begin to create your advertisement to potential customers.
Sharecle will review and verify your campaign before it will be live. You will receive an email confirmation message when it is verified. The app will also display when your campaign is verified and live. To avoid delay or rejection please follow our guidelines. Please read the Campaigns section for more details.

How much money will I make?

Earning on Sharecle depends on how much a advertiser/sponsor is willing to allocate to their campaign.
Sharecle can only set the minimum and maximum amount.
The minimum as of this writing is 0.1 cent per message/post.
The sponsor may break this amount up in the engagements to total the minimum.
Example For 3 engagement within a post:
0.02 confirm + 0.04 click + 0.04 watch video = 0.1 cent
0.02 confirm + 0.0 click + 0.08 watch video = 0.1 cent
You may set 0 amount in 1 or more of the engagements except for the confirmation and should still total the minimum.

What is "Claim this account"?

There are reserved usernames for branded names and trademarks that shouldn't be used by a regular user to prevent scammers.
If you own a company name or trademark and you are not ready to sign up yet, you can email us at for reservation.
Sometimes we use these accounts for promo and demonstration purposes and pre-populate with targets for a potential sponsor for Sharecle.
As of this promo if you want to participate in this promo and try our services first. As of this writing we are running 10$ or 10,000 targets for the first 100.
Please email us at for availability.