Monetizing messages
for the community.

Sharecle messenger is a messaging system focusing on monetizing your received messages and calls.

Profit from your own info.

For decades, third parties have been profitting from your own info. It's time to profit for yourself.

Disruptive advertising.

This new, affordable, direct message advertising is disrupting the advertising industry.
No ranking, no ad blockers, no popups, no tracking.

Telemarketers welcome.

Send unlimitted messages to anyone
More messages, more earnings for your recipients.

We believe in giving back

Give your advertising cost direct to your viewers, not your provider.


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We believe in giving back. We share up to 100% revenue with your targeted users.

Pay As You Go

$0 /mo

  • 80% users share
  • Example @ 1¢/target
  • 1$ = 80 targets
  • 10$ = 800 tragets
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$60 /mo

  • 100% users share
  • Example @ 1¢/target
  • 1$ = 100 targets
  • 10$ = 1,000 targets
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