Customer engagement rewards program for the community.

Sharecle is a revolutionary way of solving the annoyance of marketing ad's and spamming. With Sharecle we compensate the viewers for their time and create a direct relationship between business and customer. At Sharecle we share profit with our users because they deserve it. It’s designed to benefit all parties, not just the provider or advertiser. With Sharecle you will never be forced to view an ad without compensation for your time.

Sharecle is for everyone who is seeking to get compensated for receiving marketing content from businesses, advertisers and marketers.

Sharecle is for businesses, advertisers and marketers who are seeking better ways to engage with users non intrusively.

Giving back.

We believe in giving back and that compensating the 'viewers vs provider' will make a big difference.
Recipients should be compensated on time spent for engagement including receiving a message, redirecting to another website, watching ads or listening to audio recordings and data collections such as survey, ratings, etc…

Non intrusive

Send and receive messages via advertizer/ customer with attached compensation. You can now send content such as ad or promo to anyone and recipients may engage with your sent content at their convenience. Now is the time to profit from your own personal info.

Safe and secure

We ID and verify users to prevent fake accounts and bots. We review and approve content before it goes to the recipient's inbox. We check and will deny illegal activities, malware, fraud, scam, phishing, money laundering, inappropriate content for minors, hate crimes, discrimination, terrorism, etc...


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We believe in giving back. We share up to 100% revenue with your targeted users.

80/20 Share

$0 /mo

  • 20% fee or 80% users share
  • Example @ 1¢/target
  • 1$ = 80 targets
  • 10$ = 800 tragets
  • Recommended if you're just receiving or not spending $1,000 or more a month on sending campaigns.
100 Share

$100 /mo

  • No fee or 100% users share
  • Example @ 1¢/target
  • 1$ = 100 targets
  • 10$ = 1,000 targets
  • Recommended for users who will spend $1,000 or more a month on sending campaigns.